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Sometimes I feel etiquette is a lost art form.  With the advancement of technology, so much of traditional manners have become obsolete.  Rarely do we send invitations or thank you notes in the mail.   Rarely do people RSVP, and what does that mean anyway?  How often are we in a conversation and the other person looks at their phone?

How about dinner conversation, napkin placement, silverware placement, who picks up the check?  All things we can discuss in detail. 


I am not suggesting a stuffy lifestyle.  Rather, I want to educate young people, manners matter!  Isn't it nice when we receive a hand-written note.  Whether it is an invitation or a thank you card?  Isn't  it nice when the teenager you are talking to asks you questions too and is not so wrapped up in themselves, or a child actually says, "please", "thank you" and yes mam/sir.  Do you look people in the eyes when you shake their hand?  

Have you experienced a door slamming on you because the person in front of you just walked through and did not check to see if there might be someone coming in behind them, or tried to get off of an elevator and people are rudely already getting on. 
Etiquette is important and is much needed in this world where there is so much disrespect.  With proper etiquette I can help you create a beautiful part of your personality.  

Etiquette- is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class or group.


If you are interested in customizing a group etiquette class of 4 or more please contact me.  

This can include: 

1. Cooking a meal, setting a table and learning about good table conversation and manners.
2.  Role playing different situations, such as some of the ones above
3.  A beginners class addressing manners, written words, and social situations

I will offer a once-a-month class starting in February, 2016.  

Pricing will range from $10-$15 per person depending on class type. 

to view my events click here or visit my blog "platinum energy"
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