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I like to celebrate on 2-22. For those that don't know me it's a celebration of Friendship for me. While my intension was to post about it, it did not happen. Know that I sent good energy out that day and I hope you received some! :)

On another note, the universe has been talking to me about Silence. I recently read in a meditaition book by Dr. Dyer that the same letters that spell Silent also spell Listen. It is so true that in our silence we really HEAR things! In the word hear is the word EAR. Pretty cool! We not only hear audibly but in our silence we connect to source.

Please join me for a Restorative Hike~ Sunday February 28th 11:30-1:30. We will explore China Bar (State Park off of Maidu in Auburn). Our discussion will be guided but also spending some time in Meditation and silence. Grab your water bottles! I will provide a small snack.

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