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Relationships: Effortless or Challenging

Hello!!! Well, it has been an eventful year. Someone was recently on my site and commented that I had not updated in a while. Truth always shows up when we need it to.

I have faced fears and had many happy moments! Living a balanced life is truly my goal. I have learned the art of speaking impeccably even when it's hard to do. I encourage you to do the same. Take notice of how your attitude will shift and those around you will start to change how they speak.

I come into this space today though to talk about relationships. I recently had an encounter with a beautiful soul, a Shaman healer. We spent three wonderful hours together. I did not know what to expect so I went with an open heart. Earlier that day I spent time in meditation and wrote some things in my journal. After the healing ritual she and I talked more about where I was at in my journey. Relationships came up and one in particular in my world. She introduced me to the concept of Twin Flames and Soul mates. She encouraged me to look up Matt Kahn on You Tube. So I did. It is long but well worth the listen. This led me to share with others this new insight and in return was introduced to another spiritual teacher named Ralph. Both teachers saying similar things but with different verbiage. For the sake of not confusing you if you have heard of Twin Flames in the sense that this is your perfect partner, I will stick with dividing relationships into Karmic ones and Soul mate ones. Karmic relationships are in your space, on your path to teach you something. They are there to show you what you DO NOT WANT. They can be good relationships, not always bad, but as you process this and look back at relationships, you will start to understand what you did not like about it. As Matt Kahn says, most ex's are of this kind. They can also be a parent/child relationship, a friendship, sibling and so on. I have learned as I have grown the relationships I allow in my world are a reflection of who I am, if it does not reflect who I am then I politely let go. There should not be any drama, you must not tell this person of your intentions, simply set the example. Karmic relationships can be draining and negative so why stay? You will never get that person to see who you are because they simply can not see who they are therefore they can not see you. Take what you need to learn and get out! Please know I understand this may not be easy, you might be married, dependent financially, or scared. The sooner you understand that the Universe has something better for you the easier it will become. Now to Soul Mate relationships... ah... breath. These relationships are effortless. They are not always easy, which is why I chose the word effortless. These relationships uplift you they love you and certainly do not want to change you, they ARE you. Soul mates are not always romantic partners. Recently my sister introduced me to a gal via face book. I had met this gal at her wedding. With in weeks we realized we were soul mates! Yay, even though we are miles apart, we have a REAL place in each other's life and it is truly effortless. Now that you are aware, take a look at past and present relationships. Ask yourself are they uplifting, or are they draining? Are they teaching you something by showing you what you do NOT want or are they reflecting love and giving you exactly what you need. Are they challenging? Or effortless?

In case no one has told you today, you are OK and will continue to find gifts of spiritual knowledge as you gain awareness.

Namaste, JR

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