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jennifer rebecca

about jennifer rebecca

embracing. encouraging. empowering

Hi, I'm Jennifer Rebecca, welcome to my world.  It is here where you will find peace and connection.  While I do not adhere to one worldly religion, I am enlightened in many and speak the universal language of love.  Through my own experience as a daughter, a wife, a  mother, a sister, an aunt, and most of all a student, I have learned to embrace and appreciate all aspects of life, the good and the not so good.  The yin and the yang.  I have adopted the art of creating my own reality and I follow the path of least resistance, insights from both Dr. Wayne Dyer and Anita Moorjani.  

What I enjoy most is combining nature and spiritual coaching.  My hope is to pay forward the gifts of discovery, growth and understanding.

I hold degrees in both Psychology and Women's Studies, and resonate with a lot of the issues surrounding women and their struggles.  

We all have belief systems that have been engrained in us for a very long time.  Spiritual coaching can be helpful in shifting these beliefs.  It can guide ones ability to forgive, heal, improve thoughts, and find peace. On a daily basis!  Yes you can find peace on a daily basis!  It can offer you the tools you need to create your own reality and attract all that you want into your life.  

Join me on this journey Today!  

I write always with gratitude and appreciation,

Jennifer Rebecca

"The past may shape us but it does not define us."

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