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Hypnosis is a human condition involving focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness, and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion.

embracing. encouraging. empowering.

"We are not humans having a spiritual experience, rather spirits having a human experience"  Abraham Hicks

Meditation offerings~ 

See meditation and Restorative Hikes pricing~ Spiritual guidance can be added to any of those packages. 



We are spiritual beings with feelings and emotions.  Each of us unique to our own experience.  I was raised in the Christian faith and was taught to love God.  I studied the Bible and really came to love the words and the lessons it gave for living a life of service, but that was not the whole story.  I have come to understand many world religions and have awakened to my journey.  A path of love and light.  I have studied many spiritual leaders such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Graham Cook, and Miguel Ruis to name a few. 

Like many, my awakening happened during a very traumatic time in my life, however; I believe I was being prepared my whole life.  "Teachers come when the student is ready" Dr. Wayne Dyer.  This has been very true in my life.  When we are in a place of receiving, the universe/god puts people and things in our path to teach us.  Sometimes the greatest teachers are the ones that offer contrast.  I have learned we are both student and teacher in all relationships.  Taking time to talk about and study is imperative to a spirit filled life.  I offer spiritual coaching as a gift to take and use, to practice, to live a life you love and to love the life you live.  

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