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jennifer rebecca

restorative hikes

embracing. encouraging. empowering.

Personal Hikes~              

30 minutes  $15
45 minutes $22
 60 minutes $30
 90 minutes $45
 120 minutes $60


Group hikes~

 (3 or  more people)                    

 $10 each for 60 minutes 
 $15 each for 90 minutes
 $20 each for 120 minutes

A customized hike at your personal level of fitness.  Spiritual coaching upon request.  A light snack for longer hikes.



" The moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow"


Henry David Thoreau

Restorative hiking is a way to combine nature with nurture.  It connects people with their source and others.  

On these hikes you will experience a hike that includes a meditation and water ritual.  I have found hiking to be a wonderful way to get some exercise while clearing the mind.  I also find when one clears their mind, it's in these moments that God/Source talks to you.  It's in the meditative state that one finds peace and clarity.  


Hiking is a way to process life's questions and daily hardships.  Grab you water bottles, hiking shoes, sunscreen and join me on a personal or group hike.  Designed for you and your fitness level.  Happy walking.  

to view my events click here or visit my blog "platinum energy"
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