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Tips for a balanced lifestyle

Do you ever feel guilty for taking time out for yourself? As a young, busy mother of three I often felt selfish for going to the gym or getting my hair done or doing anything for myself. Somehow, as a child I picked up on this destructive thinking. My thoughts were misguided. I am thankful for the shift that occurred in my life to change some of the belief systems so engrained in me. My children are now adults and teenagers and through the years I have learned to be kind to myself, and this includes nurturing my soul. This can come in many forms: a long bath, a restorative hike, cooking, crafting and reading are a few of my favorites. My son Gabriel said to me last night, " there are parts of the tree that are protected, the roots, and other parts that are not, the branches". He's absolutely right. When we take time to protect the foundation of our souls feeding and watering the roots, we form healthy branches that are strong and unwavering. Please allow me to introduce you to a life of balance. A life you enjoy living.

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