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Powerball and Transitions

Odd title I know. Well, I got sucked into the whole power ball excitement and really lived (in my head) for three days as if I had won. How disappointing to see the numbers not match up! However, while I was excited about playing the game and dreaming of what I would do with all the money, I was also aware several of my close friends lost loved ones recently. I only correlate the two because while money on this earth is a neccesity, so is the nurturing of ones mind and soul. We must KNOW what is important and while one needs money to live it is not the most important thing in life. Life happens no matter what we are focused on. I realized as I woke up the same old Jen, and not a millionaire Jen, that I will go about my day with love and support for all that know me. I am leading my first group meditation tonight and am excited to see the growth that happens. Please continue to look at my calendar for upcoming events.

I write with gratitude and appreciation,

Jennifer Rebecca


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