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What is Drishti Madhu?

Drishti is a sanskrit word meaning vision and Madhu is a Sanskrit word that means sweet. I named my space this because it has a "sweet view" but also because this space healed me and changed my view of a lot of things. I had a vision for my home long before I even owned it. My space is truly sacred and healing in many ways. My business may be confusing and misunderstood, so please allow me the chance to tell you about it. You can reply to this post on FB or contact me through the contact tab on my web site. My space and I would like to offer many different things, from foot massages to a relaxing sunset on the deck. Recently I have had people design their own time with me, which I want to encourage. My heart is so open! So, that's my 30 second elevator speech. Still needing more answers, please contact me and let's chat! I write with gratitude and appreciation,

Jennifer Rebecca

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