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We Are Humans Being

For years a phrase that has become a part of my speech is, "the past does not define you, it can shape you but it does not define you." This morning I was listening to Sadhguru and he made this statement, "When human intelligence does not tie itself down with identity every human being will realize the nature of life beyond the thought process." I love this. So much of my life it has been drilled into me that I am not enough. I must have more beauty, more education, more wealth, more status, more, more, more labels! This goes against every fiber of my being and I have struggled and fought the labels everyone else has wanted to assign to me for many years. Yes, my past has brought me to this moment and I honor that, but I will not own other's labels. I will not allow myself to be defined by my past, my present, or my future labels, labels that others put on me. I label myself as a human "being," simple and pure.

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