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Pennies From Heaven

Ego says, "Hold on to your money."

Ego says, "Get angry when you lose it."

Ego says, "It's MINE!" Spirit says, "Money? What's that?" (Jennifer Rebecca)

I have had several creative conversations concerning this idea. It all started with my temper tantrum last week when I was charged yet another tax on my business. This one negative email created a negative thought that created another one, then another one and pretty soon I was angry. What started out as, OMG I have to pay more taxes, turned into OMG I have given away so much money in the past. Whether it was a donation to a charity, helping a family member out, or simply picking up the tab, not to mention my ridiculous divorce. My negative thoughts were breeding more negative thoughts about money. My question was, will it come back to me? I was out on a walk when all of this negativity controlled my brain space. Then a quote from the book Eat Pray Love came to me. In the first chapter, Liz is visiting Bali and a medicine man says, "Liz you will have two marriages, one short and one long. And by the way, you will lose all your money, but don't worry you will get it back again." Whoa...What? Was the universe talking to ME?

Yes, it was. I immediately started asking for guidance. In those moments following my tantrum, I realized that the money was never mine. I am simply a conduit for the universe to get the money to whomever needs it. I was just the avenue of transfer. Why one might ask? Well, because I have always been open to it, it's simply who I am.

Those of you that know me personally, know I always find pennies. Angels drop them for me to find so that I know I am abundant. I really do find them everywhere and often in the oddest places. After my tantrum and my turn-around out on a remote country road where I was walking, I found a shiny quarter - 25x the amount I usually find! It was the affirmation that it really doesn't matter if you have money, lose money, gives it away, or invest it. What matters is being a good steward of it and listening to spirit. There is an old quote that says, "spend it now because you can't take it with you." Well, I won't say I'm fully invested in that one, however, there is wisdom in the thought process of knowing it's temporary. One of my dear friends sent me a picture of sand art that his nephew created. When I asked him where I could purchase it he said, "You can't it's gone!" I replied, "What? That was beautiful." He replied that his nephew's view is that everything is temporary.

Ego wants you to hold to things but spirit says it was never really yours, but I trust you with it until you must let it go.

With gratitude, Jennifer Rebecca

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